Sometimes It Hurts to Live

Sometimes it hurts to live.

Three days after Thanksgiving, I was standing on the freeway. I was trying to find the courage to run in front of a big rig.

That is where the police officer found me.

I spent the next three days in a mental hospital and have spent three years searching for something.

I find it occasionally, laughing with a friend, watching a sunrise, moments of clarity, moments of love.
But they always leave me.

I feel broken inside. I hear so many loving words, and for a second, I believe them before I remember who I am.
I love you
You’re beautiful
You’re enough
Maybe it’s true. Perhaps it’s a lie.
That doesn’t matter.

You’re not alone. I’m not alone; none of us are alone. I love you, no matter the circumstances. I love you. You have one person behind you.

Depression and suicide are so painful. They make the world grey. Sometimes the world gets so grey, leaving it seems like the answer.

It’s not.

There is something you can do to make the world a better place. There is something for everyone. You have meaning, and you have value.

Smile at a stranger, laugh with a friend, hug someone. Connect for god’s sake, connect! Write, paint, sing, draw, dance, anything that lights you up.


Live for the tinny second you’re alive.

Live before its to late to live.

Live because there is nothing more meaningful than to live.

Remember, you will die. How would you like to spend your time until that day?

I can’t say it will all be okay, or that things will get better. All I can say is that I love you.

I hope its enough.


The Complete Guide to Losing Stubborn Belly Fat Once and for All

The complete guide to finally losing stubborn belly fat once and for all. Including such things as the proper diet to keep your gut bacteria happy, the benefits of cold and heat exposure, and why sleep really is the best drug.

Belly fat, the bane of every beach day, it makes you feel fat, unattractive, and unhealthy. Annoyingly its also hard to get rid of, imagine that! Now there are a few simple (and not so simple). Steps you can take starting right now to finally rid yourself of that stubborn body fat without expensive weight loss drugs or endless crunches (you should be doing torture twists anyways).

So how do you go about this weight loss?


First, Fix Your Sleep! In Mathew Walker’s new book why we sleep, he goes into great detail about the benefits associated with sleep, one of them being weight loss. Along with about fifty others, it’s a wonder drug, who knew?

Anyways proper sleep plays a huge role in weight loss, lack of it will tank your insulin sensitivity and lead your body to start shoveling everything you eat into that stubborn belly fat we love so much. You also lose a fair amount of body fat while sleeping simply by breathing; your body takes this time to clean and repair itself so your fresh and ready to take on the next days workout.

Okay, we are on the same page, sleep is essential. Some general guidelines for sleep, are shoot for about nine hours spent in bed (You won’t sleep for all of this so to hit that sweet, sweet eight-hours of sleep you should probably spend closer to nine hours in bed). Turn off all electronics an hour before and wear these blue light blocking glasses, keep your room as dark as possible, a sleep mask can help with this, block out ambient noise using some earplugs.

I think that about covers it if you want to know more the book why we sleep is available here. Jordan grey also has some great resources on this here.


Next, Nutrition Yes, eating is part of this, if your downing three donuts with a side of diabetes every meal you are never going to lose that belly fat. It’s straightforward, eat organic vegetables, pasture raised hormone-free organic chicken, organic grass-fed beef, complex carbs like yams, some organic dark chocolate is excellent along with some red wine, fermented foods (kombucha works), and fruit every so often.

If you want a more in-depth guide or you’re interested in nutrition, I would check out the longevity paradox. Eating like this will keep your gut bacteria healthy and happy, keep body-wide inflammation down, and increase insulin sensitivity unlocking those lovely fat stores for use as fuel. If you’re worried about how to cook like this, there is this lovely piece of literature to help you along your way here.

As for how much you should eat or calorie counting, I ascribe to the idea of eating until you are no longer hungry. Our bodies are incredible, and the signals we receive from it are finely tuned to the needs of our biology. I leave deciding how much I eat too my body, I’m mindful when eating, and I know when to stop. It may take a bit of adjusting, too, but I have full faith in your abilities to listen to your body and make the right decisions for your health.


Yeah, the infamously toxic stress is causing you issues, who knew? I don’t even need to explain why this one is bad, suffice to say stress makes it hard to lose body fat here are a couple of ways to reduce it.

  • 1. Meditate Everyone knows that meditation is good for you; I don’t need to convince you only a few thousand studies are backing me up. In Dave Aspreys book game changers where he interviews hundreds of the top performers in different fields, mediation was one of the most widely practiced, well practices. If all the smart people are doing it, right?
  • Anyways find a meditation style that works for you and spend 5-10 minutes a day on it if nothing else spend those 5-10 minutes focusing on your breathing. It will start to bleed over into your everyday life, leaving you calmer and more balanced.
  • 2. Gratitude A daily gratitude exercise is one of the best ways to improve your mood and outlook on life, spending a minute identifying and being grateful to three things, people, or events will ripple through your day lending it a happier tinge. In this fantastic book here Vishen Lakhani goes into great detail about the benefits of gratitude. I highly recommend his book; it helped me gain much-needed perspective during a time in my life when I sorely lacked it.
  • 3. Play Children are freaking smart; they know exactly what they need to do to keep themselves happy and healthy. Then they go about doing precisely that! They play and take plenty of naps (both great for humans) in the book play it away Charlie Hoehn goes into details about his battle with stress and how play changed his life for the better.
  • 4. Sex Yeah sex, sex releases plenty of feel-good chemicals in the brain causing you to relax. Plus honestly it’s just fun, so grab your partner doctors orders. If you don’t have a partner, there is no problem at all some self-love has great benefits Jordan grey talks about it some here.
  • 5. Get out in nature Humans lived in harmony with nature (Mostly) for hundreds of thousands of years, our biology functions best with the kind of stimuli nature provides. (STUDY) So spend some time at your local park, on a hike, at the lake or whatever floats your boat.
  • 6. Fix whatever is causing the stress Finally, the best way to lower your stress level is to go to the root of the problem. Maybe there are some deadlines at work that you should ask to be moved back, or your not happy in your relationship, and you need to take an honest look at it and decide if you want to stay. Whatever it may be, find it and fix it.


We live in a world filled with pollutants; our water is filled with bacteria and roundup, our food is made of GMO’s and sprayed with pesticides, plastics leach BPA into our food and water, we clean with toxic substances that we then absorb through our skin. This leaves our bodies flooded with these harmful substances that then overwhelm our detoxification systems (Kidneys and liver) our bodies jump into action to keep them from wreaking havoc. Our bodies shove these pollutants into fat cells see this study.

Now once they are shoved into those fat cells to protect us, they slowly are released because our bodies want to get rid of them. Problem is they are toxic, spike inflammation, and make you feel pretty terrible. To avoid these side effects when losing weight, we need to have a solid detox routine going.

This protocol is a bit complicated so pay attention, first burdock root, which causes your body to release some of those built up toxins into your bloodstream for processing by your liver and kidneys. Then an hour later, liver powder and azuki beans for liver and kidney support. Then an hour later, a sweet drink of this clay to bind to the toxins and wash it all out. I do this full detox every other day, the clay when overused can cause a mineral deficiency so be mindful not to overdo it.

On the off days, take the liver powder and azuki beans 1-3 times per day sometimes with the burdock root beforehand. This combo will keep your body processing and flushing out toxins through your weight loss and simply throughout your life. This is something I do simply for maintenance.

A word of warning, in the beginning, this may cause some gastrointestinal discomfort don’t worry its part of the process. Those nasty substances are considered harmful for a reason. Your body will be happy to be rid of them; remember to stay hydrated.


This varies greatly depending on where you fall on the spectrum of fitness; if you’re starting, I have a guide here on starting your journey to physical health. If your crushing triathlons and deadlifting 600 pounds well I would hope you don’t need this guide. Either way, exercise is highly personal. I’m going to give you some guidelines and pick whatever appeals to you.

Alright, quick list time walking, running, calisthenics, weight lifting, CrossFit, swimming, rock climbing, bouldering, surfing, playing with your dog, biking, hiking, moutan biking, yoga, hot yoga, gymnastics, parkour, practicing your handstands, your blend of exercises.

I hope you get the idea I’m trying to convey; almost anything can be exercise as long as you do it. I think this is the single most significant pitfall people fall into (Myself included) we say we are going to go to the gym and work out a couple of days a week. Well, I have some news for you, that is Fu*king borning. So you don’t do it, and who can blame you!?!?!? Whereas dancing in the kitchen, surfing, walking, and playing with your favorite furry friend, something you genuinely enjoy will get you off the couch in a heartbeat.

So go out an enjoy losing body fat so that when it’s gone, you don’t yo-yo it all back. Instead, build a life where the things that keep you healthy make you happy, and you look forward to doing them.

Extreme temperature exposure

Extreme temperatures are my favorite cheeky way to speed up body fat loss, boost my mood, supercharge my immune system, and freak out my friends. Who knew most people don’t think it’s healthy to play around in the freezing water of the Pacific ocean for hours at a time with no wet suit?

The two extremes here are, of course, cold and hot environments. Let me explain the benefits of each, and then we will go into how to exposure yourself safely.

Heat exposure

Exposing your body to high temperatures causes your body to produce heat shock proteins, along with reducing oxidation, increased insulin sensitivity, and a whole host of other benefits. As this analysis of studies done on the benefits of saunas states, “The findings of this review suggest frequent dry sauna bathing improves a variety of subjective and objective health parameters and that frequent Finnish sauna bathing is associated with improved outcomes such as reduced overall mortality and reduced incidence of cardiovascular events and dementia.” Heat exposure across the board increases life span, health, and decreases chances of death from cardiovascular disease, and all-cause mortality.

Heat is a good thing; it makes you live longer through hormesis (Positive adaptation to low levels of stress, think working out making you stronger). Best sources of heat are of course saunas, infrared if you can find one if not regular ones will do the job just fine. It was shown going four to six times per week showed the most significant benefits, so enjoy your sauna sessions knowing your getting in shape. If you’re a little (Or a lot) crazy like me you can exercise in high temperatures (Ninety-plus degrees) be aware of heat exhaustion and dehydration, in fact after I finish writing this I’m going on a 15-20 mile bike ride in what is currently ninety-five-degree heat.

Alright wrapping up the heat portion, heat is good for you, stay hydrated, enjoy a good sweat. I expect to see you in the sauna soon 😉

Cold exposure

This is where it gets fun; now I’m going to start with a disclaimer this can be dangerous if you expose yourself to cold temperatures beyond what you can handle for longer than you can handle things can go south rather quickly don’t lose any fingers or toes over this.

Okay! Words of warning out of the way lets get into this. Cold exposure when properly done and combined with proper breathing prompts your body to utilize brown fat, now this nifty type of fat takes white fat (The normal stuff we are trying to get rid of) and burns it to keep you warm. So instead of shivering, you lose fat, pretty cool, right? Cold exposure also increases immune function, boosts your mood, and makes you feel alive, but that’s just icing on this already delicious cake.

Cold exposure is something best eased into, start by taking your usual hot shower and making the last 30 seconds cold than the last minute thirty cold and so on until you are taking full cold showers (Great way to wake up, try being sleepy while standing under icy water at 6 in the morning). You can then move onto ice baths, swimming in the ocean (If you’re next to an unusually cold one), rolling in the snow, and whatever inventive ways you can think of getting yourself something cold.

To do these feats safely and get the benefits I refer you to Wim Hof a stunt man known for a few minor achievements. He set a world record by spending an hour and fifty minutes up to his neck in ice. He ran a marathon above the article circle in the snow wearing nothing but sandals, shorts, and a beany with no preparation besides cold exposure. He holds records for distance swum under ice.

He pioneered a breathing method to prime the body for cold exposure, in essence, teach the body how to warm itself through burning fat instead of shivering. You can pick a book going through his method here, and here. I recommend you pick up his book and give his method a try, I know I have gotten considerable benefit from it. Ben Greenfield also has some great resources on it if you want to check his stuff out here.

Wrap Up

Our bodies carry us through this life, and we must honor that by giving it what it needs to function to the highest degree possible. This is less about losing a bit of belly fat and more about changing your life to support your physical health. The fat is simply a symptom of an unhealthy body, seeking to address the root cause will take out much of the headache and frustration associated with fighting with your weight and body image over the long run.

I genuinely wish you the best in this weight loss journey and all others, if there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know I am more than happy to help. I hope you achieve the body you desire and that you have a great day.

Wishing you the absolute best of luck on your journey -Emmit

The Massive Benefits of Pull-Ups, and Pull-Ups 2.0

Building strength, power, and an amazing body is possible through pull-ups. Along with pull-ups 2.0 a revolutionary way to unlock your lost primal abilities that reside within all of us.

Pull-ups, one of the oldest exercises. It’s a pretty simple concept, grab onto something, a bar, a tree branch, an unusually tall friend, and using your upper body strength pull yourself up.

Let me ask you something when the last time you did a pull-up was? They are freaking hard!! Honest to god if you have any amount of weight on your frame and you aren’t consistently training pull-ups there is no way you’re going to be able to haul your ass up that bar more than a handful of times at best. What would your great great great great grandfather think of you?

That’s not a situation we can let stand; pull-ups have a massive variety of benefits from being one of the most comprehensive back exercises to reversing the poor posture caused by being hunched over a computer all day. There is no good reason any self-respecting man cant bust out some pull-ups, or save himself in an emergency by pulling himself out of danger.

Alright, let’s get into the nitty-gritty, what you’re going to need. First, off something to pull on, I recommend a pull-up bar like this one, You can also go for a couple of different outdoor styles depending on if you want to go freestanding or wall mounted. I use this pull-up bar and then hang gymnastic rings from it, but that is a whole other level of difficulty you can progress to later I’m just crazy.

Honestly, a tree branch, a wall, a door frame, anything you can grip onto will work in a pinch, pick whatever fits your situation and let’s get going.

Now, pull-ups can be tough when starting, if you can’t perform a single one or if your only able to do one or two, you need to do negatives. This is where you jump to the top of the pull-up and lower yourself down through the range of motion. This lets you build the strength to do one, without being able to do one. The guide for proper pull-up form is linked here by strong lifts; it goes into proper form, grip, etc. for pull-ups and chin-ups.

That should start you down the path to becoming a pull-up machine, now let’s look to the future of pull-ups. Or more accurately the past, and how it holds the key to revolutionizing our bodies.

Pull-Ups 2.0

Part of the reason pull-ups are so essential today is we are front side dominant, walk into any gym and you will see endless guys repping out pushups, bench-pressing, and just generally focusing on getting “Big.” Walk into any corporate office (They are getting better with the advent of stand up desks) and you will see people hunched over their computers for eight hours. This leads to the classic rounded back, pulled forward head, and pain lots and lots of pain.

Pull-ups help us balance our bodies out, bringing us closer to “Optimal Human.” Ever imagine our ancestors running around the plains like the hunchback of Norte Dame? NO!! Because they did their freaking pull-ups.

Now saying they did their pull-ups may be a bit off, they didn’t find a perfectly shaped tree branch that was nice and flat and then performing sets of 15 clean, precise pull-ups before walking off for dinner or to find a lovely lady. They lived and moved in a dynamic and ever-changing environment; it was more like scramble up a tree for a better vantage point or scaling a cliff and some boulders tracking game.

Humans for several hundred thousand years (And these guys would be indistinguishable from modern humans) lived and thrived in this environment. You have that potential within you, imagine being able to move in a fluid and controlled way over some of the roughest terrain on the planet, smoothly scaling cliffs, climbing over dead logs, pulling yourself up trees to scout. Think of the coordination, the control, the raw strength required for those feats performed every day by our ancestors and by some rare people today.

Take a look at this video

This is Erwan Le Corre, a French movement expert and the author of The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom""” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>The Practice of Natural Movement. A book focused on moving and working out in a way congruent with our distant past.

When I picked up a copy and started trying out some of the basic movements, I was astounded. First off by how freaking hard, they were and second by how weak and uncoordinated I was. My body could not move dynamically, much less perform some of the pulling maneuvers such as pulling yourself on top of a log from a dead hang, give it a try it’s not easy.

Over time incorporating this type of training along with yoga, rock climbing, and stretching, I have noticed massive differences in not only my strength but also my coordination, flexibility, and the ability to perform complicated movements under load.

As I learn more I will make sure to keep you guys updated, for now, I leave you with a challenge. Why don’t you find out how capable you are? You might surprise yourself, here’s a copy of The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom""” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>the book and a pull-up bar. Good luck, you know what you need to do.

Wishing you the best of luck on your journey -Emmit

P.S. If you guys are interested in learning more about the capabilities of your bodies, keep your eyes open for my next blog post. It is all about saving your own life and it should be coming out later this week.

Intermittent Fasting Plan, and Potential Pitfalls.

Intermittent fasting is one of the new diets (Of sorts) many people are trying, especially with the popularity of people like Dave Aspery and the bulletproof diet which involves intermittent fasting and going into ketosis, which is where your body consumes your body fat for fuel instead of from outside sources IE food.

Now there are a few forms of intermittent fasting where you don’t eat for anywhere from 14 hours to months on end. The latter being much more extreme and reserved for the severely obese who can live on their body fat for extended periods with no ill effects and lose a lot of weight as well, see this man. I’m going to be focusing on the milder versions where you don’t eat for 12-72 hours. Much more realistic for most people.

The Good

First, you lose weight, like a lot of it. Intermittent fasting for most people allows you to cut your caloric intake significantly, and if you do it correctly, you can go into ketosis and burn that body fat. Which is great on the surface, but if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons you may also end up binge eating like I did when I was doing extended intermittent fasting. It can be healthy for your body For many of us, we don’t need three meals a day; our bodies adapted to be able to go without food for long periods. So a little deprivation does us good, if your a little older and looking to regain some of that lost edge priming your body with a bit of stress and challenge through intermittent fasting can be an excellent thing for your health.

It boosts testosterone In this study they showed that testosterone increased by 180% after fasting. Testosterone is an essential hormone for both men and women but especially men, and it has been declining since the start of the industrial revolution, not only that, but it is vital in boosting our mood, our sex drive, staving off depression and anxiety, attracting women, self-confidence, muscle building, and retention. The consensus is men need testosterone and lots of it to be healthy and happy, so an extra boost to that is always welcome.

Fasted cardio is a great way to burn even more fat Fasted cardio is referring to exercising, specifically cardio in a fasted state, so you get up don’t eat breakfast and go for a run. That would be considered fasted cardio, ben greenfield talks about the benefits and gets into it more as a biohack here.

The Bad

Now for the downside, because of course there is a downside, this is life, nothing is perfect we all suffer and die. So on that cheery note lets dive right in.

This might be bad for women Now ladies if you read this, welcome to the blog first off, second. Be wary of intermittent fasting; it can cause some problems. Your body is different than men you have these things called ovaries that can make a life. They can be a bit finicky if put under too much stress, and this is a stressor. In some cases intermittent fasting can cause your period to stop (Which is a bad thing for fertility) It means your body is under way to much stress and you need to stop. I also wouldn’t recommend it if you are trying to or are pregnant for the same reason I mentioned above. You’re making a life, cut yourself some slack you don’t need to be trying to lose a bunch of weight. Just eat healthily and grow that baby! So for women in most cases, I would stay away from intermittent fasting.

I hear the Virgin diet Is catered towards women, when I looked into it, it contains a lot of sugars. You Might consider something more like this. Fewer sugars, fewer inflammatories seems like an all-around solid way to eat.

Growing boys

Now I’m talking to all you teenagers (Dam kids) if you’re still developing this can stunt your growth and cause some issues. It can slow down how quickly you gain muscle. Cause lots of hunger and unhappiness. If you’re under 20 and a guy, unless you are 100+ pounds overweight just focus on your diet, eat lots of healthy organic veggies, some carbs, some organic/grass-fed meats, a few fruits, and since your so young throw in a nice juicy hamburger and fries once every few weeks, your young live a little you know. That combined with solid training in almost any field, as long as your getting enough sleep should get you shredded. It’s not that hard at our age. If you have trouble check this page out, or if you want to speed up the process significantly then it would also be for you.


If you follow the bulletproof diet which is one of the more popular intermittent fasting diets you might end up consuming a lot of dairy which can be very inflammatory and lead to more issues down the line. Just a word of warning

The middle ground

Now I don’t do this every day, I find I get hungry, and it negatively impacts my life, I do however once a week fast till about two, to keep the ability in case of emergencies and to boost my fat loss and keep my body healthy. I don’t do any of the extended fasts 24-72 hours; I can’t afford the possible adverse side effects, it’s not worth it to me. Since I don’t have any experience with it, I’m not going to write about it. Instead, I refer you to someone who does (Here). I will say for young men this is probably the healthy middle ground if you want to try it, it’s not for everyone but doing it once a week on the weekend won’t hurt you. If you don’t like it, then stop. So ladies and gents, intermittent fasting. If you want more resources I recommend Dave Aspreys book, some of Ben Greenfield’s podcasts here and here, and a good healthy dose of self-experimentation.

Wishing you the best of luck on your journey -Emmit

The Importance of a Daily Dose of Sunshine

Skin cancer the potentially deadly condition that can sneak up on us and steal our youth and even our lives away. All our lives we have been told to cover up stay out of the sun that it is a malignant force poisoning us every second we are under it. The solution being slathering yourself in a protective layer of sunscreen made out of god knows what.

Now there are a few problems with this advice first off we need sunlight to synthesize vitamin D (We need that). It helps regulate mood keep us healthy, and a lack of it is the cause of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which is the greatest pun ever. Sunlight is not only not a problem, but it is a solution, it helps prevent acne, keeps your skin healthy and young, makes you feel good and a whole host of other benefits. The caveat with all things proper dosage, now you may ask well great whats the proper dosage.

The answer is it depends. Our ancestors had to adapt to the sun, it still caused the same type of damage hundreds of thousands of years ago, and back then we did not have sunscreen so what happened? Well melanin happened, melanin is what makes your skin dark so that you absorb less light aka less is processed into vitamin D., but it also helps prevent skin cancer and lessens the risks associated with running around shirtless on the savanna. Sadly it doesn’t do anything about the lions, but you take what you can get. Now when our ancestors started moving into colder and colder climates farther north having high levels of melanin was no longer an advantage, so we lost it. It allowed us to synthesize the proper amount of D in low sunlight conditions.

For our modern day, people who don’t spend all day running around outside this means we in most cases are low on vitamin D, a few of my favorite strategies to mitigate this are first off getting sun exposure. Getting up in the morning and walking around on some grass while the sun beams down will help properly calibrate your circadian them. The ground contact has many positive benefits and will help lower your free radical count. And of course, the sun exposure will improve your mood, help clear your skin, provide your body with the right about of vitamin D, etc.

You should only stay out in the sun till your skin starts feeling pleasantly warm. A sunburn will mitigate these benefits; it is your skin cells committing mass suicide in an attempt to keep you from getting cancer. Not something you want to happen on a regular basis. Next one of the simplest ones is a dose of a vitamin D supplement. Finally, for those of you who live in very very dark climates or who are predisposed to seasonal affective disorder, there is this light that will help. To wrap things up, we need sunlight to be healthy and happy like our ancestors, incorporating a daily dose of sunshine should be part of everyone’s morning routine.

If you have any questions or need help with anything feel free to comment down below, send me an email, or drop me a message on facebook and I will see if I can help.

Wishing you the best of luck on your journey -Emmit

Sleep, Why it is so Important and How Lack of it is Negativley Affecting us.

Sleep, everyone needs it, and yet so many of us get much less than we should. The CDC reports that 30% of people sleep less than six hours per night! Sleep is where our bodies repair and our short-term memories are converted into long-term ones. It is where we dream, and our subconscious helps us sort through problems. It is an invaluable tool and unquestionably necessary. But our modern world does not do sleep the justice it deserves; we push sleep to the side. We wear our sleep deprivation as a badge of honor, a testament to our work effort.

This compromises our ability to work at a high level. When we are sleep deprived our brain function goes down, our bodies are weakened, we throw away the bottom of the pyramid for the sake of appearances. Because honestly, that is what it is, sleep and water are the basest of human needs. Excluding obvious oxygen, we wouldn’t last five minutes without oxygen. With water and sleep, humans can survive for months, once you take away one it compromises our abilities to think, to do anything. Starving isn’t comfortable, but it won’t kill you quickly. Sleep deprivation on the other hand will. Now most of us never get to the point of dying from sleep deprivation. Our bodies have contingencies in place to prevent that from happening. We start catching a bit of sleep when we close our eyes.

Now how well do you think our brain is functioning, how well can we operate when our minds are resorting to falling asleep every time we close our eyes. (Hint not great) Now let us look to the past, how did our ancestors sleep. They had a very interesting sleep schedule that changed depending on the individual. Surprise surprise humans are, and our bodies are optimized for different sleep cycles. Some of us get tired as soon as the sun goes down and rise with or before the sun. Some of us aren’t tired till midnight, it all depends on the person. There are also differences in how much sleep people need.

Me personally my minimum is 9 hours a night, I know it seems excessive, but I have found that that is what my body needs. Now a slightly more fringe thing I have encountered, when I am adequately rested, I will wake up in the middle of the night for around 15 minutes, this has been mentioned Here. My theory is that its an adaptation to allow us to get up and stoke the fire without hurting our sleep cycles. So our ancestors slept as much as they needed, now we don’t have that luxury a lot of the time. So what can we do?

First off operate under the assumption that you are sleep deprived, on a Saturday night de-stress entirely, take a bath, turn off all your alarms, make sure you’re not going to be disturbed and go to bed early. Then sleep, as much as your body wants, stay in bed and go back to sleep. When you get rid of your sleep debt, you will feel like a whole new person. Clearer, more grounded. Maybe once isn’t enough to catch you back up. Perhaps you will need to do this every weekend for a month, but it will never fix the problem. You need to go to the source, your bad sleep habits. You need to figure out how much sleep you need and then adapt your bedtime and wake up time to fit your particular lifestyle. For me, I go to bed at 8 o’clock because I get up at 530 in the morning. Maybe for you, you go to bed at midnight and sleep till 8. Whatever works for you.

Now onto improving sleep quality because even if you are getting enough hours, it may not be restful enough if you are being woken in the night. Keep your sleeping area pitch black, Don’t worry if you have to get up in the middle of the night you will be astounded at how good your night vision is. Speaking of getting up in the middle of the night, if you do so don’t turn on the lights, it will shock your body awake and make it harder to get back to sleep. Shut of screens an hour before you plan to sleep along with wearing one of these. You might also consider a pair of blue light blocking glasses, These or These. Make sure your bed is comfortable, etc., etc.

So much of this is personal preference and requires experimentation on your part. So go out and fix your pyramid. Life is yours; a strong foundation is necessary to get what you want out of it. So go and build it.

Wishing you luck on your journey -Emmit

Five Things you can Start Doing Right now to Help you Recover From any Injury.

Injuries are no fun, they can stop your training, halt your weight loss, negatively affect your self-image, the list goes on. The good news is the human body is resilient, and in the vast majority of cases, you can bounce back from most injuries without the need for medical intervention, surgery, or other invasive procedures. Today I’m providing you with five ways/things to start you down the road to recovery no matter the injury. Quick disclaimer, if you’re bleeding out of your eyeballs or vomiting blood and speaking in tounges, please go to a doctor and or exorcist. These are meant to help you heal from nonemergency injuries, please don’t die. The first thing on the list is simply getting your physical health in order if your overweight and bombarding your system with toxins your body is spending its energy keeping you alive and there is none left over for healing. It gets pushed down the proverbial to-do list. So if you get injured and you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, you may have body dysmorphia, or you could stand to lose a couple of pounds. Either way, get your physical health in order, and your body will surprise you with how quickly you can heal. I go into more detail Here. On a side note if you do have body dysmorphia, please get help, its dangerous and I do want you to be happy and healthy.

The second thing is a little more extreme and frankly not for everyone. I will say if you have the mental fortitude for it, it not only speeds up healing it also boosts immune function, helps significantly with fat loss and improves the health of your arteries. Its called the Wim Hoff method and involves a breathing exercise which I think feels great and definitely can induce an altered state of consciousness if that’s your thing. Followed by cold exposure, to start with its a little rough but you ease yourself in by just finishing your showers with cold water, submerging your hands in a bowl of ice water, then building up to full cold showers, ice baths, my personal favorite running shirtless in the freezing rain. You get the picture, you can get as crazy as you want to with it and it personally helped me lose over forty pounds of body fat and become the most resilient physically and mentally I have ever been. Now I would love to tell you outright how to do it but I don’t want to get sued, plus he goes into much more detail in his book. This Here is the book with all of the info in it along with some exciting stories about Wim himself. If you’re shaking your head and shivering already, don’t fret I have something else that produces a comparable effect in the short term.

That leads me on to the third thing, Resinall K it is a modernized version of an ancient Chinese herbal concoction used for rapid injury healing developed through their long history of martial arts, if you want to learn more This is the book I got it from. The original version of Resinall K I could only find on a shady website that I did not trust, luckily there is a modern version here in California that comes in a little dropper. I will warn you it is alcohol based and you put it under your tongue so prepare to cry for about 3 minutes while you wait for it to stop burning. But oh man is it worth it, it’s a hard sensation to describe, it feels like you have this warm energy rushing through your body and burning out blockages (Such as injuries). Its very pleasant and will speed up recovery time significantly. It can also be instrumental in finally getting over any old wounds. Now I wouldn’t recommend Resinall K if you are younger, it is alcohol based, and while I’m reasonably certain it is legal, I would still be careful. The initial application also hurts like a mother fucker. Overall it’s a useful tool, take care not to use it for more than a week straight, you might overtax your system. It is available Here

Onto the fourth thing, sadly no more magical herb to be had here just good old mediation with a few caveats. Now meditation has so many benefits and has been recommended and used for thousands of years. You know why? Because it fuckan works. It helps with emotional regulation, happiness, makes you smarter, enables you to connect with a higher power (Even if you don’t believe in one), the list goes on and on. I will be putting out a complete guide to effective mediation and linking it here at a later point, for now here is the quick version. Get comfortable in a quiet place, focus on bringing air in and out of your lungs filling the oxygen rush through your body, then bring in energy from all around you, connecting you to everything else, ask some higher power, it could be nature, it could be god, it could be the flying spaghetti monster, whomever. Connect with some higher power, feel the energy and connection flowing between you and everything else, feel your body going into a state of homeostasis. You can stay here for as long as you like, then when you finished reverse the steps and say thank you to whatever higher power you chose, and you’re done. Mediation complete. I know it sounds like some voodoo bullshit I don’t care, it will help you in huge ways

Finally visualization/placebo this is one of the least understood and most powerful methods I know of, this is responsible for life-threatening cancer just disappearing. Fake knee surgeries working better than the real ones, sugar pills healing people, leches and bleeding and a thousand other medical practices going back to the beginning of humankind. The root of all of these things is the human body’s ability to heal itself. Your boy in most cases can heal, your belief that you cant is what is holding yourself back. A book I recently found called Quantum healing goes into detail, you can buy it Here. I’m going, to be honest with you, this one is new to me, and I don’t fully understand how to use it yet. When I do I will put out a full guide for it. Until then here is what I do know, our bodies manifest what we believe if we repeatedly run through a thought pattern such as visualizing a tumor being smothered by snowflakes then over time our bodies will manifest this to realign your beliefs with reality. If your particularly astute you might realize this can be applied to your whole life, not just healing, which is very true and something I am currently exploring. Best of luck with this one, if you happen to figure anything interesting out feel free to shoot me an email or a message on facebook @Becomeaprimalman.

That’s all the resources i have for today, go out and try things, learn what works best for you. I believe in you!

Wishing you the best of luck on your journey -Emmit

The Benefits of Plants in your Environment and Irradiated Smurfs

Our little green friends, and no I’m not talking about irradiated smurfs (Today). I am of course talking about plants, they convert carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water into oxygen, through a process called photosynthesis. Now, this is an undeniably important role, but it undercuts how essential plants are for our happiness and well being in everyday life. We had existed in an environment full of plants and wildlife for almost our entire evolutionary history, even when we switched over to an agricultural society we were still outside surrounded by plants and animals the majority of the time. Nowadays we spend so much time removed from nature we forget it even exists.

But our biology has not; humans are happier and healthier when in a natural environment. Or at least I hope so because that is the entire premise of this blog. When we are removed from nature our health deteriorates, that combined with the toxin-laden environment that modern life provides for us its no wonder modern people are by and large overweight and unhappy. Why do you think the rates of depression and suicide are so high in our young people. When you are in a time of change and transformation it’s rough, now compound it with the hormone-disrupting chemicals like xenoestrogens, parabens, phthalates, and you have a recipe for disaster. Plants have been proven to increase serotonin and dopamine levels (That makes you happy) along with purifying the environment of those nasty toxins, plus they look pretty.

Now I am not saying go live in a greenhouse, but adding a few more plants to your room and house can have some profound benefits. But it gives you a living creature to care for, and it won’t ever start barking at three in the morning. Now onto which plants to get, it depends on what you are looking for. If you would like to decrease the number of toxins in your environment, then look no further than this study Done by NASA about plants purifying your environment, if you don’t want to read the study, basically it’s between two plants for the crown. Bamboo palm removes benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene, but not ammonia and is nontoxic. So if you have any four-legged friends go with this one to keep them safe. If you don’t have any pets go with florists chrysanthemum, they remove everything listed above but are toxic to pets.

If you’re looking for something to brighten up your house any plants that take your fancy will do and they all have benefits of some sort, so get out there and get yourself some little green friends!!!! Again I mean plants, not irradiated smurfs.

Wishing you the best of luck on your journey -Emmit