Why a Correcting your Attitude can Vastly Improve your Quality of Life

What is your attitude when you work? Do you get up in the morning, till out of bed and grumble time for work and or school with a sigh of resignation. Plod into the shower, plod out of the shower. Eat your breakfast with a mindless determination knowing that is this what must be done for yourself for the kids etc. You sleepwalk through your day doing a thousand and one menial tasks maybe even with energy but in most cases only enough to get the job done to the level where you won’t be fired. You eat with the same mindless intensity at lunch, then back to work. You drive home, eat dinner, maybe watch a little tv then go to bed to get up the next morning and do it all over again. On the weekends you mow the lawn and maybe watch the game.

Now let me pose a simple question to you, how did our primal ancestors approach the day. Did he roll out of his cave and grumble about the day of hunting ahead? Did he eat last night’s leftovers for breakfast and think about how unfair life is? NO. He got his caveman butt up and went hunting with a smile on his face because he had a purpose, something he wanted to do, and this was his choice to do it. Was it easy to hunt for food? NO!!! It was hard and dangerous, and there was a chance you could be killed every day. Primal men went out every day (maybe two or three if they killed an unusually large animal) and hunted for food. He did this with his tribe and his family around him, and he did it with a smile on his face. He was doing this dangerous hard work because it was his job along with the other men in the tribe to hunt for food.

He had a purpose, a goal, and he went about achieving his goal with a single-minded intensity that we as men carry in us to this day. It was an explicit goal, not bring back food sometime in the future, not well it would be nice to have food. It went out and hunted and brought home a dead animal for dinner tonight!! This is how we are wired, for the vast majority of human existence, this has been the job of the men (along with fighting wars, but that is a topic for another day).

Now, this single-minded intensity is still inside of us. It can even be used. Sadly nowadays in many of us, a wastes away or is used on some unproductive task. Men are hard-wired to pursue goals. It’s a massive evolutionary advantage. The problem is when those goals are taken away when the lines between success and failure and blurred to the point of living in a grey world. What do we do when there is no one left to show us what to do to live happy, satisfied lives. Men are lost in a sea of grey, what can we do about it?

We make our own dam goals is what we do! We go out into the world and find what we want to do, what we want to change, who we want to be and we take it!! Not with force but with a single-minded intensity of work gifted to us by our ancestors. You want a million dollars, go start a business and rake in the money. Do you want a beautiful, loving relationship with a fantastic girl? Go lift weights, work on yourself and all your issues, become the best version of yourself and they will flock to you. Do you want to go to mars? Go start a rocket company and fly yourself to freaking mars. These things can be accomplished if you define your goals and then go after them with the single-minded intensity that I know you possess.

Don’t give me some bullshit like “oh I’m not motivated enough”, or “I’m lazy”. You don’t lack motivation, I heard something that stuck with me, and I will paraphrase it here. If I told you to meet me somewhere at 4 in the morning and I will give you 5 million dollars, where will you be at 3:59? Right where I asked you to be. You don’t lack motivation. The stakes aren’t high enough.

Now let me offer you some perspective, especially for you young guys out there. You are going to die. No way around it, you are going to die. It might be in 60 years it might be in 60 seconds. Now, what are you going to do with the time you have left? You don’t know how long you’re going to live. You get one shot in this body on this earth. Don’t waste the chance you are given. Take life by the horns and squeeze every drop of experience you can out of it. Life is short. We are all going to die. Make the most of it.

Wishing you luck on your journey -Emmit

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