Why a Lack of Self Confidence Will Bleed Into your Life and Negatively Affecit yout Relationships with Women

Self-confidence is this nebulous force sprouted from the mouths of gurus and charlatans sometimes at the same time At this most basic it is a belief in oneself. You can have varying degrees of it from I am a god who controls the universe to I am nothing and utterly worthless. Neither of these extremes is healthy.

To possess the proper amount of self-confidence requires doing things to build your abilities and faith in them. This is a vital part of the equation. You having an unbalanced level of self-confidence, is a recipe for disaster. Picture trying to jump off a building and do a proper tuck and roll, now if you have practiced this is a relatively safe, but with false self-confidence, you will leap to your death. Or the reverse where you are over prepared and still are too full of fear to act. You stop living before you ever die.

Either way is no way to live, balance is necessary. But if you build from a solid base, having realistic appraisals of your skills while still being confident. Confidence coming not from false bravado or ego but firmly rooted in reality.

True self-confidence will revolutionize your life. Who gets the girl? Who starts the billion dollars company? Who changes their life for the better, embraces fear and challenges. Who causes shifts for the better on a planetary scale. Those with self-confidence, those who understand where they are at but also trust in their ability to improve and grow into what they are truly meant to become.

Self-confidence is not the only piece, but it is one of the essential building blocks. When our ancestors were raised in a harsh and hostile environment they were shown and taught the skills they needed to survive and thrive they built their self-confidence and skills at an equal pace.

We are given no such luxury we are thrust into this foreign world woefully unprepared for the burden that falls to us, to grow into our roles, this a blessing in disguise. We are no longer limited by our tribe’s knowledge. Our traditions have been destroyed along with our constraints.

We can rise as high as we want, but the burden falls squarely on our shoulders to do so. We can embrace our circumstances and learn, grow become who we are meant to be — brimming with earned self-confidence — joyous prosperous. Or we can le the weight of responsibility crush us as we fall into the fit of despair. Letting our false confidence deceive us. We will die before we ever have a chance to live. I know what I chose every day, I hope you make the right choice

Wishing you luck on your journey – Emmit

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