The Importance of a Daily Dose of Sunshine

Skin cancer the potentially deadly condition that can sneak up on us and steal our youth and even our lives away. All our lives we have been told to cover up stay out of the sun that it is a malignant force poisoning us every second we are under it. The solution being slathering yourself in a protective layer of sunscreen made out of god knows what.

Now there are a few problems with this advice first off we need sunlight to synthesize vitamin D (We need that). It helps regulate mood keep us healthy, and a lack of it is the cause of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which is the greatest pun ever. Sunlight is not only not a problem, but it is a solution, it helps prevent acne, keeps your skin healthy and young, makes you feel good and a whole host of other benefits. The caveat with all things proper dosage, now you may ask well great whats the proper dosage.

The answer is it depends. Our ancestors had to adapt to the sun, it still caused the same type of damage hundreds of thousands of years ago, and back then we did not have sunscreen so what happened? Well melanin happened, melanin is what makes your skin dark so that you absorb less light aka less is processed into vitamin D., but it also helps prevent skin cancer and lessens the risks associated with running around shirtless on the savanna. Sadly it doesn’t do anything about the lions, but you take what you can get. Now when our ancestors started moving into colder and colder climates farther north having high levels of melanin was no longer an advantage, so we lost it. It allowed us to synthesize the proper amount of D in low sunlight conditions.

For our modern day, people who don’t spend all day running around outside this means we in most cases are low on vitamin D, a few of my favorite strategies to mitigate this are first off getting sun exposure. Getting up in the morning and walking around on some grass while the sun beams down will help properly calibrate your circadian them. The ground contact has many positive benefits and will help lower your free radical count. And of course, the sun exposure will improve your mood, help clear your skin, provide your body with the right about of vitamin D, etc.

You should only stay out in the sun till your skin starts feeling pleasantly warm. A sunburn will mitigate these benefits; it is your skin cells committing mass suicide in an attempt to keep you from getting cancer. Not something you want to happen on a regular basis. Next one of the simplest ones is a dose of a vitamin D supplement. Finally, for those of you who live in very very dark climates or who are predisposed to seasonal affective disorder, there is this light that will help. To wrap things up, we need sunlight to be healthy and happy like our ancestors, incorporating a daily dose of sunshine should be part of everyone’s morning routine.

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