How To Be Attractive To Girls.

So your single, no woman in your life, all alone, no partner.

I say GOOD; you can do better if you broke up with a girl or she broke up with you there is a reason it ended. Time for bigger and better things, along with bigger and better tits on your next girl. Yeah Yeah, it’s not PC, but who gives a fuck, I’m a man, and this is advice for other men, or boys trying to become men. Nicely shaped big breasts are a sign of fertility and an increased ability to feed babies, so we are naturally attracted to a nice pair, nothing to be ashamed about.

Speaking of things we are attracted you, you want to know why you can’t get whatever girl you want? It’s called Sexual Market Value, and hint yours isn’t high enough and because you have no idea what you’re doing. Save the indignant response till the end, if your single no matter who ended it and your reading this trying to figure out what the hell to do, you don’t have all the answers. Okay so Sexual Market Value or SMV for short is your value on the sexual market place, in layman’s terms its how desirable of a mate you are, the higher your score, the more desirable you are. A high SMV is a great thing; it lets you have your pick of the lot, specifically one with a nice pair if you know what I mean. Women also have an SMV in case you were wondering; it’s much more based on looks and personality rather than standing in life.

A mans SMV goes up drastically if he has a couple of million in the bank and drives a Ferrari, whereas a woman does not. Now fair warning, if you aren’t careful, you will get fucked over if you date the wrong woman. You can get dragged down to a point where you will wake up ten years later with that woman walking away with a baby in one arm and an alimony check in the other, and you’re left with your dick in your hand wondering what the hell happened.

Now let me be clear women (Most of them) aren’t evil, they don’t realize they do this. It’s a built-in mechanism to secure the best possible mate for their kids. I’m going to use the simple 1-10 scale here for simplicity’s sake if your a six dating a 5 and an eight comes along unless she has significant resources invested into you (IE kids, life together, significant emotional attachment) she will pick that eight every time. Especially if you grow lax, if you cant produce and support her she will move on. So you need to be especially careful when choosing a partner for the sake of your future. If you’re involved with a girl and supporting her and she leaves you, if you’re married you have to pay to support her at the same lifestyle even after you separate, even if she initiates it!!!

To avoid these potential pitfalls, I offer two resources and a little advice. First Is The Tactical Guide to Women, second is The Rational Male, they will expertly guide you to find a high-quality woman, who you can have a stable and productive relationship with. They explain it much better than I can.

Now increasing your SMV, the wet juicy part ;). First for the simple stuff.

1. GET IN SHAPE; you want to know the simplest way to make yourself more attractive, drop to 10% body fat, put on 25 pounds on muscle and walk around with a six pack, broad shoulders, and a narrow waist. I’m hearing your excuses right now; my response is I don’t give a fuck. You want something, do the work I’m happy to help if your willing to put in the work. I will link another article on doing exactly that when I write it. All of those indicators, the low body fat percentage, shoulder to hip ratio of about 1.68, six-pack. They are all indicators of fertility and power; things women look for in a mate. Not to mention all of the other benefits that come along with it.

2. Deal with your shit! Here is the simple truth of the matter, we have all been hurt in one way or another, and it leaves its mark upon us. You won’t ever find a high-quality woman who you can partner with if your scared and insecure because your daddy beat you, or your so weak because mommy babied you. See a therapist, work on yourself, cut your ego out of your life, deal with your shit and grow into the man I know you can be. I’m sorry to seem cruel, but you need to hear this. Even if you think you’re perfect, especially if your perfect deal with your shit. You will thank me in the long run.

3. Be going somewhere in your life! Masculine energy is directional; we are built to have a goal and pursue it. Take for example hunting, especially ancient hunting; we would chase, corner, fight, and kill animals much more dangerous than we are. Through a single-minded intensity, it is something we are all born with, sadly most of us lose it early on, but it’s still within you. Women find nothing more attractive than a man with a goal, a dream, who is restlessly pursuing it. Women who are seemingly far out of your league will date you, love you, fuck you, and invest significant energy into you if you’re going somewhere. Ever wonder why the starving artist is aways with a hot girl? Its because she sees the future value he will have and is willing to invest now to reap significant rewards later. This is especially true for younger men if your older, women expect you to be already wealthy.

4. Money, yup money is another factor of your SMV. Ever wonder why Elon Musk dates models? The certified leader of the nerds? Its because he has massive SMV because he is ultra-wealthy and brilliant. He can provide like few other men can, making him a highly valuable mate. See where I’m going with all of this? Now as i said before when your younger you can get by without this one, because of your future perceived value, but when your older women will expect you to be able to provide. Now as I stated above having a goal and drive, will bring women the real hat trick is later on making lots of money from that goal and reaching that full potential women see in you in the beginning.

5. Personality and intelligence, probably the most difficult to improve and the most crucial piece. If you are a good person and can hold a conversation, make a girl laugh, debate and hold your own. It again increases your value significantly. Plus this can make up for deficiencies in other areas. This one is also the hardest to develop. I have three suggestions, first, suffer. Do something that sucks. It builds character, suffer, and you will be all the more for it. Go rucking, run a marathon, lift heavy weights, suffer. Second is to read, read everything you can get your hands on; the average American reads less than one book a year, the wealthiest people in America? Read an average of 60 books a year, read, read the classics and read on how to improve yourself. A few favorites of mine are, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, The Four Hour Work Week, Extreme Ownership, The 10X Rule, Game Changers. The third piece is to get rid of your ego; nothing turns a girl off more than a huge ego.

6. Masculine edge, that raw virile masculine energy that we have lost. When you are pure direction and aggression, this is the warrior in all of us. It’s shunned so much because it’s not “civilized” but fuck that; this is the rebel, the outsider. Blending this into who you are will reap the rewards beyond your wildest dreams. To learn how to develop this go check out Elliot Hulse Men, you can have what you want. Its up to you to go out and take it.

I have given you the resources; it is up to you whether or not you go out a take it. Take control of your own life and get what you want out of it! In this case that would be a nice pair 😉

Wishing you the best of luck on your journey -Emmit

P.S. When you get what you want, shoot me a message and a picture. I want to see how far you have progressed. You can reach me at @Becomeaprimalman and at

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