Why Men Need to Learn to Cry, Holotropic Breathing, and LSD

Men nowadays have been so brainwashed, we think we must be these pillars of strength, it’s falling away slowly, but it is still extremely prevalent. Especially with those more masculine guys, we aren’t comfortable crying, and it’s hurting us. Crying is a release of emotion, a letting go of your sadness or your anger or fear and just letting it all flow through and out of you. It’s a cleaning and healing experience.

Now, this can be taken to far, breaking down over the slightest problem in your life is not a sign of a well-balanced man. Having mastery and balance in your emotional life is incredibly valuable. We fear our emotions, out of fear of judgment, seeming weak, and a hundred other things. I’m here to tell you it is okay to cry, give yourself permission to fully feel in this life. Many of us will hide our sadness behind anger; at one point I yelled and screamed and broke things. In reality, I was terrified, in pain, and wanted to end my own life. But I was never shown a healthy way to process my feelings; I was taught that the way you deal with your emotions is anger.

This was very damaging, and I did many things I am not proud of. That is okay; life happens all is forgiven. No matter if you process your emotions through anger through cold detachment through manipulation. It’s all okay, its how you learned to process it and no one faults you for it. If you want to live a balanced and happy life I would challenge you to change your responses to life’s stresses.

Allow yourself to move to a more balanced state, where you cry when you’re sad, you control your anger response to keep it from being explosive, gain control over how external stimuli affect you to create a life full of happiness.

The first and most straightforward way to regulate your emotional control is through daily meditation practice. Check this study out for more details; meditation helps with emotional regulation, decreasing anxiety, decreasing substance abuse, chronic pain, increasing happiness, and quality of life. Safe to say its a pretty great practice just for life in general. Start by looking around for a meditation practice your think will work for you start with 10 minutes per day. The drastic quality of life results will surprise you. When I put out a post of the meditation practice I use to feel more grounded, happy, and driven I will link it here.

The second thing that personally made a huge difference in my life was finding a good therapist to help me work through my issues. He helped me find the root of my problems and fix them, he used muscle testing and hypnosis but honestly whatever works for you. I highly recommend that everyone goes to therapy, we are all fucked up in one way or another the more we work on unfucking, the happier we will be, the more grounded men we will be.

Third, Holotropic Breathing, this one I discovered today and have minimal experience with but it has been so powerful for me and its the reason I’m writing this today I have to include it. It involves listening to pounding shamanic music while breathing in a cyclical method and slightly hyperventilating. It cuts down on blood flow to your Default Mode Network and allows you to look inward in a profound way. I practiced it for the first time today, after ten minutes my body started shaking, I ripped off the headphones and balled uncontrollably for five minutes.

The reason for this is it allowed me to connect with my subconscious and learn that I have a deep-seated belief that I am not good enough. That no matter what I do or how hard I try, I won’t be enough, its extremely limiting and has been causing a lot of problems in my life. Now that I know this I can work on changing it and striving towards my full potential. I highly recommend this practice; I am going to continue exploring and using it myself. I learned it about through Dave Asprey And his new book Game Changers.

Now from here on I have no personal experience with and I would advise caution. It illegal in many countreys , be careful and don’t break any laws.

LSD either in microdoses or full on use, there are still limited studies on its effectiveness, but from what I have read it has significant benefits and is mentioned and cited by many top CEO’S, biohackers, and game changers as being critical in their success. Use it at your own risk; it can certainly provide you with tremendous insights into your subconscious beliefs and limits. It can put you in touch with your emotions on a much deeper level. BUT, psychedelics have been shown to prompt the onset of some mental disorders if there is already a family history. Also if you are under 25 and your prefrontal cortex is not fully developed, LSD can cause unknown alterations and potential damage to your brain.

You have been warned, do with it as you will. Men, learn to control your emotions. Get in touch with your sadness and release it in a healthy way. Cry like a man, show the world your human, accept yourself and everyone will do the same.

Wishing you the best of luck on your journey -Emmit

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