How To Get Your Life Back On Track, Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs, and Fulfill Your Life Purpose

Fuck the rules.

Fuck what society is telling you.

Fuck what your family is telling you.

Fuck your fears and insecurities.

Fuck everyone and everything else.

Fuck every limiting belief holding you back from whatever it is you want.

Fuck all of that I want you to sit down and take an honest to god look at your life, are you doing exactly what you want? Are you getting precisely what you want? Are you living a happy, content, fulfilled life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?

I’m going to take an educated guess and say no if, by chance you are, I have some questions for you. But seriously you can have all that, I’m not saying it’s going to be easy.

Becoming a fulfilled and happy person is a lifelong journey that requires consistent work, but it’s worth it. I’m focusing on the happy and fulfilled part first for a straightforward reason. When we are wrapped up in our egos (Which we all are to different degrees). It distorts what we truly want; you may have had dreams of traveling the world when you were a child but now that your an adult what “matters” is making 150k driving a nice car and having a hot wife. While I’m not saying that these things aren’t nice they won’t bring happiness. If you get them through doing what you love, then you will enjoy your life much more deeply than getting them for their own sake.

First things first, Connect with yourself.

Now, this may be more difficult for some of you than others. We have been, well brainwashed seem cliche, we have been socially conditioned to like certain things, to have specific goals, to think that certain things will make us happy even if they don’t. So connect with yourself, sit down in silence away from your smartphone, from your laptop, from any books, from everything. Just sit and think, what do I want to do with my life? Not what do I want, the likely hood that, that question will lead you down a materialistic fantasy is more than possible.

Now I would suggest meditating before asking yourself these questions, to try to get more accurate answers.

What do I want to do with my life?

What is my perfect day?

If I had to do something for money every day for the rest of my life, what would that be?

Do I have some particular skill that makes me different in some way?

Is it waking up on the beach in the Carribean with a beautiful woman next to you what lights a fire in you? Sking the alps? Bringing new life into this world? Helping millions of people? Educating the next generation of young minds? Whatever it is it doesn’t matter, if its what you want it’s valid.

Now how are you going to live, sadly life costs money, it’s sadly a part of this grand game we play called life. The good news is that its easier than ever to make money, all you need is to bring value to enough people and you can support yourself.

Use your imagination, if you have found what you truly desire it should light a fire inside of you. If it doesn’t ask yourself if that is really what you desire or is it what your ego wants?

Hopefully, this has brought you closer to your life path sadly I can’t tell you any secrets to navigating your life to make it easy, nor should you want me too. Everyone’s journey is their own, best of luck on yours.

Destroying your limiting beliefs

Now I know most of you don’t think you can pack up your life and sail around the world. My question would be why? Honestly, why can’t you do what you want? Then to your subsequent excuse, why again? On and on and on until you realize that unless it breaks the laws of thermodynamics, you can do it.

Now do I think you should go rob a bank to finance your new life? Of course not, that will land you in a cell. Selling everything you own and traveling around the world? Sure, send me some pictures from Tahiti. Dropping out of college and starting a business? Do it!!! I would love to see you at the front of the new york times. I’m giving you permission by the powers invested in me by the power of whatever. You can do whatever you want. Break up with your girlfriend, become a doctor at the age of 70.


There are all sorts of bullshit rules that are holding us back more than we realize. Once we break out from their constraints, we can start living. What helped me come to this realization and eventually change my life for the better is this book. We all have something unique to bring in the world, finding what that is and pursuing it will bring you unparalleled fulfillment. Here are my top few strategies for putting yourself on the path.

The Basics

First is to get the basics of your health and well being down, now this can be difficult if your life is difficult and you are using different forms of escape. Being able to sit down with yourself quietly and think is a great goal to work towards at the beginning of your journey.

Sleeping however much you need to keep your mind clear and body functioning is essentially, here is my article on the subject with more resources there. Sleep is vital and an essential thing to change to improve your life radically.

Next is fueling your body with nutritious and delicious food, it isn’t as hard as it sounds. I have recently been making some changes to my eating that have had a substantial positive impact. Iv cut back on meat intake (I was eating several pounds per day). Increased my veggie intake and introduced more yams and nuts to help with proper gut health. I feel better because of it, lost five pounds with no effort, reduced gut inflammation. I would highly recommend the book I took most of it from here.

Onto the physical health part, a bit of exercise of almost any kind will suffice. Simply moving every day is a great way to start. Go for a walk after lunch, swim, have an easy run in the morning, a basic calisthenics route. This doesn’t require a huge amount of energy, keeping yourself at a basic level of physical fitness will more than suffice.

Getting your emotional and spiritual house in order.

When we are imbalanced on the inside if it is ignored, these imbalances will manifest with physical problems. I head an interesting story from a chiropractor friend of mine. He treated a veteran, when he worked on him he realigned his spine. The veteran broke down sobbing; this man is former special forces, as tough as they come. He broke down sobbing and left without even paying. He came back the next day paid, apologized for leaving so abruptly, and explained that he never cried. Not in war, not at the funerals of some of his closest friends, never.

He had been holding these emotions bottled up in his body, and it caused tension and pain. When the tension was released along with those emotions, he was able to feel them, accept them, and move on. This is a dramatic example but illustrates my point nicely; we bottle our emotions, especially as men we are more susceptible to this.

I recommend clearing any emotions you may be holding onto, this article is a great resource. Beyond clearing what you have bottled up is accepting and feeling emotions as they come to you. It’s okay to feel sad, angry, lonely, and every other emotion. Practice saying to yourself “It is okay for me to feel every emotion as it presents itself to me, fully, deeply, to process and feel so I may move on.” Repeat it every day until you believe it and feel free to change it if something else resonates with you.

The spiritual side of this is much more nuanced; I won’t pretend to know how to guide you. In this, you need to guide yourself. Spend time with yourself, learn what resonates within you, then go with it. I would say it’s generally beneficial for humans to believe in a higher power (Nihilism can lead down some dark paths, see Jordan Peterson), that could be as simple as nature, or as complex as a universal benevolent consciousness guiding the progression of humanity and the universe in general.

It’s up to you; I wish you luck figuring it out.

Work through your traumas

If there was one thing I wish for everyone is that they work through their traumas. Now to clarify, traumas don’t mean you were beaten half to death as a child. They can be as simple as someone close to you using judgment to motivate you, (Something many parents do). Most people wouldn’t see this as trauma, but for many of us, it can cause lifelong negative changes. I cried uncontrollably every time a figure of authority confronted me until I was 16. It hit some old pattern that caused me to react so uncharacteristically.

Once I worked through it using therapy, meditation, and hypnosis; it no longer bothered me, and I’m all the better for it. Spend some time to notice abnormal behavior patterns (Uncalled for anger, crying for no reason, anxiety, fear). Then at that moment pay attention to what it brings up in you.

Spend some time with a therapist and with yourself sorting through your past. It has revolutionized my life, I recommend it more than anything else for advancing your life and you shouldn’t feel ashamed for seeking out a professional to help you sort through these things. It’s the healthy, adult, sexy thing to do, a woman (Or a man) loves nothing more than a man who has sorted through his problems and can show up fully in a relationship.

I can only give you the building blocks, this is your path to travel and learn from.

I hope this will help you get your self in order and allow you to start down your path. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback feel free to leave it below.

Wishing you the best of luck on your journey -Emmit

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