Intermittent Fasting Plan, and Potential Pitfalls.

Intermittent fasting is one of the new diets (Of sorts) many people are trying, especially with the popularity of people like Dave Aspery and the bulletproof diet which involves intermittent fasting and going into ketosis, which is where your body consumes your body fat for fuel instead of from outside sources IE food.

Now there are a few forms of intermittent fasting where you don’t eat for anywhere from 14 hours to months on end. The latter being much more extreme and reserved for the severely obese who can live on their body fat for extended periods with no ill effects and lose a lot of weight as well, see this man. I’m going to be focusing on the milder versions where you don’t eat for 12-72 hours. Much more realistic for most people.

The Good

First, you lose weight, like a lot of it. Intermittent fasting for most people allows you to cut your caloric intake significantly, and if you do it correctly, you can go into ketosis and burn that body fat. Which is great on the surface, but if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons you may also end up binge eating like I did when I was doing extended intermittent fasting. It can be healthy for your body For many of us, we don’t need three meals a day; our bodies adapted to be able to go without food for long periods. So a little deprivation does us good, if your a little older and looking to regain some of that lost edge priming your body with a bit of stress and challenge through intermittent fasting can be an excellent thing for your health.

It boosts testosterone In this study they showed that testosterone increased by 180% after fasting. Testosterone is an essential hormone for both men and women but especially men, and it has been declining since the start of the industrial revolution, not only that, but it is vital in boosting our mood, our sex drive, staving off depression and anxiety, attracting women, self-confidence, muscle building, and retention. The consensus is men need testosterone and lots of it to be healthy and happy, so an extra boost to that is always welcome.

Fasted cardio is a great way to burn even more fat Fasted cardio is referring to exercising, specifically cardio in a fasted state, so you get up don’t eat breakfast and go for a run. That would be considered fasted cardio, ben greenfield talks about the benefits and gets into it more as a biohack here.

The Bad

Now for the downside, because of course there is a downside, this is life, nothing is perfect we all suffer and die. So on that cheery note lets dive right in.

This might be bad for women Now ladies if you read this, welcome to the blog first off, second. Be wary of intermittent fasting; it can cause some problems. Your body is different than men you have these things called ovaries that can make a life. They can be a bit finicky if put under too much stress, and this is a stressor. In some cases intermittent fasting can cause your period to stop (Which is a bad thing for fertility) It means your body is under way to much stress and you need to stop. I also wouldn’t recommend it if you are trying to or are pregnant for the same reason I mentioned above. You’re making a life, cut yourself some slack you don’t need to be trying to lose a bunch of weight. Just eat healthily and grow that baby! So for women in most cases, I would stay away from intermittent fasting.

I hear the Virgin diet Is catered towards women, when I looked into it, it contains a lot of sugars. You Might consider something more like this. Fewer sugars, fewer inflammatories seems like an all-around solid way to eat.

Growing boys

Now I’m talking to all you teenagers (Dam kids) if you’re still developing this can stunt your growth and cause some issues. It can slow down how quickly you gain muscle. Cause lots of hunger and unhappiness. If you’re under 20 and a guy, unless you are 100+ pounds overweight just focus on your diet, eat lots of healthy organic veggies, some carbs, some organic/grass-fed meats, a few fruits, and since your so young throw in a nice juicy hamburger and fries once every few weeks, your young live a little you know. That combined with solid training in almost any field, as long as your getting enough sleep should get you shredded. It’s not that hard at our age. If you have trouble check this page out, or if you want to speed up the process significantly then it would also be for you.


If you follow the bulletproof diet which is one of the more popular intermittent fasting diets you might end up consuming a lot of dairy which can be very inflammatory and lead to more issues down the line. Just a word of warning

The middle ground

Now I don’t do this every day, I find I get hungry, and it negatively impacts my life, I do however once a week fast till about two, to keep the ability in case of emergencies and to boost my fat loss and keep my body healthy. I don’t do any of the extended fasts 24-72 hours; I can’t afford the possible adverse side effects, it’s not worth it to me. Since I don’t have any experience with it, I’m not going to write about it. Instead, I refer you to someone who does (Here). I will say for young men this is probably the healthy middle ground if you want to try it, it’s not for everyone but doing it once a week on the weekend won’t hurt you. If you don’t like it, then stop. So ladies and gents, intermittent fasting. If you want more resources I recommend Dave Aspreys book, some of Ben Greenfield’s podcasts here and here, and a good healthy dose of self-experimentation.

Wishing you the best of luck on your journey -Emmit

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